“We Are The Best, Because We Use The Best!” Virginia Transportation Corporation Acquires Powerful FSX TrapTracker DPF Tracking Software.

Virginia Transporation Corporation’s Marysville Ohio plant, maintenance facility, and terminal has secured the FSX TrapTracker DPF tracking software which will be used by their DPF technicians. VirginiaTransportation.com indicate “Virginia Transportation Corporation is a nationwide company providing services within the Continental US and Canada…We are the best, because we use the best!”

Virginia Transportation Corporation Ohio Plant Deploys FSX TrapTracker Software
Virginia Transportation Corporation Ohio Plant Deploys FSX TrapTracker Software

Virginia Transportation deploys a suite of FSX Equipment’s DPF cleaning machines including the TrapBlaster, TrapTester and TrapBurner. Now the FSX TrapTracker software has been added to Virginia Transportation’s DPF cleaning arsenal.

FSX is a nationwide corporation providing the most trusted DPF cleaning hardware and modern software technologies to authorized DPF cleaning locations throughout the United States and Canada. Virginia Transportation’s website indicates “we supplement our fleet with modern technologies to ensure our services are of the highest quality.”

FSX TrapTracker is APPLE iPAD-based and is available for free download at the Apple App Store. FSX TrapTracker professionally guides the DPF technician through a step-by-step FSX certified DPF cleaning process. This ensures no filter cleaning steps are skipped or omitted. FSX TrapTracker intelligently determines filter conditions. A DPF is either marked as being red-tagged (condemned), green-tagged (properly cleaned), or orange-tagged (acceptably cleaned). FSX Equipment’s DPF hardware is trusted by OEM’s to clean their DPFs more effectively. Now FSX TrapTracker adds to FSX’s industry-leading DPF cleaning operation. This ensures the FSX DPF cleaning procedure is even more efficient and more precise.

FSX TrapTracker is a digital app. So this means there are no more paper forms to fill out and no more part numbers and pressure ranges to manually look-up. FSX TrapTracker has a powerful and constantly updated database of parts numbers and pressure ranges. The FSX TrapTracker database is certified by FSX and new parts are added frequently. Notification of these updates are passed through to the DPF cleaning technician through automatic push notifications sent directly from the Apple App Store.

FSX TrapTracker is powered by FSX Technology and developed by RAVHD, a Wilmington California company.