DPFTRAC, Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System, Makes Updated Debut on Apple App Store – 10,000 DPFs Cleaned Through DPFTRAC System in USA and in Canada


Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System, DPFTRAC, now showcases its rising appeal, versatility, and adaptability of use across numerous DPF cleaning equipment platforms. DPFTRAC’s new and rich features further proves it to be a perfect DPF tracking and cleaning accompaniment for all facilities using DPF cleaning equipment.

DPFTRAC has re-branded itself and retired its old name: FSX TrapTracker.  However, the DPFTRAC app expands upon all its superb industry-standardized procedures packed inside. DPFTRAC ensures a DPF is cleaned through its system successfully, step-by-step, every time. A clean DPF equals a happy DPF owner.

DPFTRAC’s database has hundreds of frequently updated DPF part numbers from Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Paccar, Yanmar, DCL, Renault, Mitsubishi, International, Mack, Volvo, Isuzu, Johnson Matthey and many more. Certified pressure ranges, filter dimensions and part numbers are instantaneously available at the technician’s fingertip.

DPFTRAC has an exemplary list of customers: Paccar Financial, Inland-Kenworth, SibanyeStillwater, Bolingbrook Fleet Service, Porter Truck Sales, BECS Pacific, Pacific Truck Parts, Rush Truck Centers, and many other industry leading heavy duty trucking firms.

DPFTRAC, once installed, will replace the TrapTracker icon with a DPFTRAC icon (existing data remains in DPFTRAC). DPFTRAC still includes the digitally produced, significantly improved, DPF Cleaning History Worksheet – ideal for compliance and digital record keeping. No more paper forms.

Download DPFTRAC, Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System at Apple.