RAVHD created the world’s first application which automates and digitizes the FSX DPF cleaning process all while producing a digital and auto-filled FSX DPF cleaning worksheet that details results from each step of the DPF cleaning process. Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System (DPFTRAC) means there are no more paper forms to fill out or lose.

Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System was originally and exclusively licensed as FSX TrapTracker to FSX Inc. of Granite Falls Washington. FSX is the national leader in the manufacturing of DPF cleaning machinery. Over 10,000 DPFs have been cleaned and tracked through the Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System in conjunction with the use of FSX’s DPF cleaning equipment.

Now the powerful FSX TrapTracker software has been re-branded as DPFTrac. DPFTrac is now being offered to all DPF cleaning facilities regardless of the brand of the DPF cleaning machines used. DPFTrac is powered by RAVHD technology and developed by RAVHD a Southern California leader in diesel particulate filter tracking and testing technology. DPFTrac is richly packed with extra features like text messaging and cloud backup and restoration features. DPFTrac is on the Apple App Store (search for FSX DPF Cleaning or DPFTrac formerly FSX TrapTracker.)

DPFTRAC adheres strictly to FSX Inc.’s patented DPF cleaning step by step process and DPFTrac allow the cleaning technician to use flexibility within each step to accomdate non-FSX DPF cleaning equipment. DPFTRAC is now available as an independent download offered by RAVHD for use with all DPF cleaning equipment.

Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System is offered as an annual subscription. This subscription gives your company access to DPFTRAC a smart DPF tracking software designed for FSX and other DPF cleaning equipment globally. Inquire about a subscriptions here: info@dpftrackingsystem.com

Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System is built on top of the APPLE iPAD iOS platform and features a powerful backend SQL database built for storage, syncing and disaster recovery. Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System has the most current and updated DPF part numbers directly within the handheld device. Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System easily gives you the ability to backup and recover work orders at the press of a fingertip.

Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System…no more forms. Get started here. View Pete Trap’s answers to FAQ here.