Press Release – For Immediate Release – Developed Exclusively for FSX DPF Equipment, The World’s First DPF Cleaning and Tracking System Only For FSX Machines


Developed exclusively for FSX’s diesel particulate filter cleaning equipment, the world’s first paperless Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking and Cleaning System (DPF-TS) was successfully released in pilot phase at General Truck Supplies in Wilmington California this month according to RAV-HD’s CEO Fernando Varela. DPF-TS was developed by an I.T. team led by Mitch Ward who is being closely assisted by the DPF cleaning specialist and FSX equipment cleaning expert Elena Varela.

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General Truck Supplies is a FSX authorized DPF cleaning facility that utilizes seven FSX DPF cleaning machines. General Truck Supplies is at the heart of the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles, the two largest trucking and shipping ports in the United States. Hundreds of filters are cleaned at General Truck Supplies and thousands around the world annually. Mr. Varela is leading the Quality Assurance phase of the pilot at General Truck Supplies to ensure the Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System is available for widespread use in April. It will be offered as a free download with premium subscription services including global access to a SQL database of cleaning information, parts marketing opportunities, appointment scheduling and planning, and other premium Customer Related Management features. Mr. Varela expects a significant global demand for the Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System.

Mr. Varela provided oversight to the project by focusing on FSX’s DPF equipment’s cleaning process and FSX’s precise method of cleaning DPFs which, according to FSX, is the “life blood” of their business. A paperless companion to FSX’s equipment was essential to efficiently identify “red” “orange” or “green” tagged filter cleaning conditions. The Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System exceeded all expectations in accomplishing these goals. The Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking system has an interactive guide, Pete Trap, which guides the beginner or expert DPF cleaner through the entire FSX DPF equipment cleaning process.

“At General Truck Supplies we’re extending the life of DPFs for customers by precisely and properly cleaning their DPFs using the DPF’s manufacturer’s pressure ranges, PIN gauge measurements, and filter dimensions. Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System lowers truck and fleet down-time by providing timely notifications with text, multimedia messaging, and emails sent directly to customer’s smart devices throughout the multi-phased FSX DPF equipment cleaning process” Varela said. “This alerts customers regarding the status of their DPF in real time and they loved it. In pilot testing we found the Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System sharply reduced the labor and time needed to clean a filter because there were virtually no paper forms involved.” Mr. Varela concluded by saying “we know the Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System will improve efficiency not just here in the United States but globally. RAV-HD will do all it can to reach that goal and we’ll do it all paperless. Nice!”

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