Reduce Unscheduled Trucking Downtime

FSX DPF Cleaning Info

CUMMINS is the leading distributor of diesel particulate filters for heavy duty trucks. Cummins believes “DPF cleaning can help reduce unscheduled downtime, identify potential filter deficiencies, and increase filter service life.”

The Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Tracking System (DPFTRAC) reduces unnecessary trucking downtime and waiting. DPFTS’ precise DPF pin guage measurements and cleaning system alerts truckers and fleet owners when their DPF is received and when their DPF is ready for pickup. Truck or fleet owners have options of being contacted via email, text messaging, or telephone. Reduce downtime and you reduce revenue loss. Start saving time and money now. Truckers and fleet owners ask your FSX DPF cleaning shops if they use the Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Tracking System for FSX DPF cleaning equipment when you drop off your DPF.
Free trial subscriptions are available:

    BECS Pacific DPFTRAC Central California Authorized Location